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Screen Image Capture
You can capture the content displayed on your computer screen by pressing the print scr button on your keyboard.  To capture only an active window displayed on your screen, press alt+print scr.
Learn AOL 7.0 Hot Keys
Buddy List............ Ctrl+1
Chat..................... Ctrl+2
Calendar............... Ctrl+3
Help...................... Ctrl+4
Internet.................. Ctrl+5

Write Mail................. Ctrl+M
Get Member Profile.... Ctrl+G
Send Instant Message. Ctrl+I

Read New Mail........ Ctrl+R
Locate Member........ Ctrl+L
Member Rewards... Ctrl+6
News.................... Ctrl+7
Shopping............... Ctrl+8
Stock Quotes......... Ctrl+9
What's New............ Ctrl+0

Add to My Calendar....... Ctrl+Y
Go to Keyword.............. Ctrl+K
Add Top Window to Favs. Ctrl++

AOL Help..................... F1

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Sending Blind Copies in E-mail:

Send blind copies of your e-mail when you do not want the primary addressee(s) to know that you have sent the e-mail to anyone else.

To send a blind copy...
On the AOL toolbar, click Write.
In the Send To: box, type the e-mail address(es) of the primary recipients(s).
In the Copy To: box, type the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) of blind copies in parentheses.

For Example...
(aolmember1, aolmember2, aolmember3)
In the Subject: field, type a subject line for your e-mail.
In the message box, type your e-mail message.
When you have finished, click Send Now.
(Or click Send Later, if you are working offline.)

All of the recipients of your e-mail can receive blind copies:
You do not have to designate a primary recipient.

Recipients of blind copies will not see the names of others who received blind copies.

As the sender of the e-mail, you will always see all names on the e-mail (even those who received blind courtesy copies) -- Whether you look in your online e-mail box, or in your offline mailbox, or if one of the e-mails recipients forwards a copy of the e-mail back to you.

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If your computer allows Windows Messenger Service pop-ups ...

Your settings need to be changed to avoid getting unsolicited gray pop-up messages from Internet users.

To fix this issue, disable the Windows Messenger Service

Note: Most home users can make this change without affecting any other programs. If your computer is part of a network, you may want to check with the person who manages that network (administrator) before making any changes.

For Windows 2000 users (as well as Windows XP users with the Classic Start menu and Control Panel)

       1) On the Start menu, point to Settings, click Control Panel,
           and then double-click Administrative Tools.
       2) Double-click Services.
       3) Scroll through the list of services until you see Messenger,
           and then double-click it.
       4) In the Startup Type list, click Disabled.
       5) Under Service Status, click Stop, and then click OK.

For Windows XP users

       1) On the Start menu, click Control Panel, click
           Performance and Maintenance, and then click
           Administrative Tools.
       2) Double-click Services.
       3) Scroll through the list of services until you see Messenger,
           and then double-click it.
       4) In the Startup Type list, click Disabled.
       5) Under Service Status, click Stop, and then click OK.

(above info supplied by America Online)

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 Don't know where a Download went?
...Try this, it might  find it.

1) Click on the Start button, then
2) Click on Find...
3) Click on Files or Folders, then
4) Check your C drive first...
5) In the Named: box, type in the name of the download, then
6) Click on Find Now,
7) This should locate the file for you...
       (it's usually best not to type in the whole extension
           because other files might have the same extensions)
8) If this does find the file, notice the Path (location)

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 Something AOL won't tell you...

You can get rid of all those stupid ads that pop up every time you log on!!
Here's what you got to do ...

   1) Click keyword and type in marketing preferences, and hit go.
   2) Double click on the menu where it says Pop up preferences a new
        screen will come up.

   3) Look in the lower right hand corner of the screen and you'll see a
           small box that says If you prefer not to receive any pop up ads.
          Click on the box.

   4) A screen will appear that says you will not receive any more pop ups.
          Just click Okay.

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 How to Install Windows Wallpaper with WINDOWS 95/98/XP

From WINDOWS (the screen that is displayed when WINDOWS starts)
- Click your RIGHT mouse button anywhere on the desktop (not on an icon)
- Select PROPERTIES from the small menu that should pop up
- Select BACKGROUND tab if it is not already selected
- Scroll through the WALLPAPER list box and select the wallpaper you desire.
- If the wallpaper is not there, click on BROWSE and browse to the directory in
  which your wallpaper exists and double click on it
       TILE... repeatedly display the selection to fill the screen
       CENTER... display the selection once in screen center
       STRETCH... stretches the image to fit the screen
- Select APPLY

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 Bulk E-mail Lists   (AOL)

A neat thing about making these lists--you can have a separate list for friends, family, Wackos, etc., they can be "tailored" to your needs.

It makes it easy to "Send" an e-mail to a (group of people) that you want to send to. (In other words, just one double-click, instead of searching and clicking on several names)

Below, is a method for making bulk e-mailing lists.

AOL 4.0:
First, click on your Address Book in the Write Mail window and click on the New Group icon.

When the New Group Window appears, the top box is titled Group Name. Type in Family (for an example)

The box below this one is titled Addresses,  in this box, you can type all of the Wacko's addresses. (Copy and paste is a good way to do this also) there should be a comma and a space after each "address"

When list is complete, click on the OK button. You will then see the titled list appear in your Address Book.

BTW, if you make a typo ...You will get an error box, telling you of the error.

Now, all you have to do, in order to make a send to that group is, click on Address Book ...Then Double Click on the appropriate name (list), and all of the addresses will then appear in your Send To window.


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