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January 13, 2018

      LexJam Flashback!

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LexJam - a WoodSongs Coffeehouse

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Willie's Locally Known              WoodSongs Coffeehouse

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* For more information on how you can contribute
to LexJam's success, please contact Rennie Neubecker

Our persistent online presence: Mark D McKinley
LexJam Team: a WoodSongs Coffeehouse
Rennie Neubecker - host, team leader, musician support, tech support
WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour - promotion/affiliate
Larry Williams, Kim Neubecker - stage support, artist support
Brain Williams, Greg Rhodus, Pat Cramer - stage support
Candelyn Neubecker - stage support, artist support
Eric Hutchens - luthier, tech support, artist support, stage
Matthew Florez, Terry Poirier - sound, live recording, stage
Mark & Tammy McKinley - photography, website, promotion
David McRae, John W Johnson, Dana Smith - photography
Larry Neuzel, Upsorn Hutchens, Kay Foley  - photography
Willie's Locally Known - host venues, stage and support!
Additional LexJam Support:
David M McLean - education, musician support, promotion
Tim Fowler, David Cubine, J.D. Wright - musician support
Michael Johnathon - musician support/promotion
Paul Felice - education, musician support, promotion
Rick Coleman - artist support, promotion
Allison Cubit - LexJam Facebook, promotion, photo/video
Sundowns & S-E-C Sports Pub - LexJam Venue Hosts
BackStretch Bar & Grill - LexJam Venue Hosts
LAMA - community planning, artist development, support
Tom Martin & Mike Thompson - LexJam co-founders

In addition to every musician, singer, and music enthusiast!

LexJam ... an Award Winning Venue!

Skinny Devil Music Lab          Lexi Community Service Award

Lex Music Box

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December 17, 2017

Consider Making a Donation to LexJam
LexJam Acoustic Cafe is an All Volunteer Event
The LexJam Tip Jar can usually be found on the Sign-Up Table each month.  It takes some funds each month to pull off an All Volunteer FREE Event.

 LexJam celebrated its Ten Year Anniversary on January 14, 2017!!!

The LexJam crew worked tirelessly to make the Special Edition LexJam an event to remember.  It was so good to see everyone there!!!

       - LexJam Team


Want to Perform at LexJam?

ATTENTION: Musicians and Singers - sign the LexJam Roster when you arrive ... we'll give you a "few minutes" of advance warning before you're called upon to perform!

NOTE: Full bands wanting to perform a cameo set should contact Rennie Neubecker.

* Your Help is Greatly Appreciated.  Contact Rennie Neubecker, Larry Williams, or Mark McKinley before or after an event if you'd like to help with any aspect of LexJam - A WoodSongs Coffeehouse!

* We Want to Thank Everyone that has ever helped assemble and/or dismantle amps, cables, mics, soundboards, speakers, and other equipment during a LexJam event!


Lexi Community Service Award - 2016