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Native American Indian Musician Bill Miller
Native American Recording Artist Bill Miller
Photography by Mark's Online Music Source

(October, 2002)-- Bill Miller is a man of many faces.  He's an artist in the purest sense of the word.  Miller is a singer/songwriter, musician, storyteller, painter, and a poet.  He orchestrates unique textures of Native American Indian heritage and outside influences through his music, words, images, and song.

Bill Miller has a story to tell. He plays a variety of musical instruments and is considered to be one of the best flute players in North America.  He showcases incredible passion and technique on the Odell Borg Native flute.

When Bill Miller performed in Lexington, Kentucky in August 2002, his powerful stage presence and artistic energy unleashed a performance that brought a packed auditorium to it's feet!

     -Mark D McKinley    [Mark's Online Music Source]

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The Interview

Mark:  If you could send only one message through your music, what message would you be sending?


Mark:  You perform at numerous cultural events across the country.  What is the most valuable experience you've had the opportunity of being a part of during one of those events?


Mark:  Your music comes from the heart and you demonstrate a genuine passion during your live performances.  Do you, as a performer, gain more from these cultural events than what you, as a performer, can bring to such an event?  Would you describe it as a win/win opportunity for all involved?


Mark:  If someone were to literally put your poetry into motion, how fast would it be moving and why?


Mark: Tell us about one person that has impacted your life and music in an important way.


Mark:  What event or events inspired you to write the song Love Sustained from your Spirit Rain compact disc?


Mark:  You've demonstrated a skillful eye for composition through your paintings.  If you were asked to examine your life through one painting, would it be an abstract, one of surrealism, or something altogether different?  Explain why you decided on using that particular style of expression?


Mark:  Expounding on our exploration of artistic vision, I'd like to hand you an imaginary 8x10 piece of white paper. Imagine next to that piece of paper, three sticks of artist grade charcoal of varying widths.  Using the charcoal, draw us a line representing the distinction between the Native American influences of your youth and the rock/folk movement of the 60s that also influenced you.  Paint us a verbal picture of what you have drawn in terms of the characteristics of that distinction.


(C) 2002  Mark's Online Music Source

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Mark's Online Music Source
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