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Site Concept Initiatives promote clients on the web through informative Web sites with visual appeal.

Site design -- a customer driven business.  Clients supply content, usually even graphics used.  After consultation we determine the concept that will best serve the clients' needs.  The site is then designed and client content is turned into a working Web site.

Site designs are visitor friendly --
easy to navigate and fun to explore!


Mission Statement / Terms of Service

I will provide Web site design services to the best of my ability in a responsible manner after mutual written and/or electronic agreement via e-mail or other means with respect to all parties concerned.  Pricing and design services are arranged, understood, and agreed upon in good faith through the above mentioned written and/or electronic agreement.

Upon said written and/or electronic mutual agreement -- client agrees to my services based on reasonable time constraints and normal circumstances.  Any disputes or questions shall be addressed and resolved to the mutual agreement of both parties to the best of my abilities and without use of and without inclusion of legal actions on the part of site builder or the client.

Situations that occasionally occur on the Internet and World Wide Web that are beyond our control are just that -- situations happen that are beyond our control.  Internet Service Provider (ISP) server malfunctions, Web space hosting community technical problems, and hacker released viruses happen without warning.  Computers crash, ISPs pull their services and/or change their services and membership options, worms occasionally roam the Internet and WWW ... and so on.  Such occurrences can happen and such occurrences are considered to be beyond our control.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide adequate protection against viruses, etc., as best they can.  I'm able to provide extremely reasonable rates due inpart that I make no claims of virus protection per Web sites.  When a site is published to the Internet or World Wide Web it is out of my control per hostile attacks or malfunctions of any kind.

This mission statement and any services provided are hereby understood by all parties concerned through a mutual, written and/or electronic agreement.


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