A Special
Photo Tribute
"To our beloved friend and
longtime crew member
Larry Steur"

- images below by
Dr. Robert DeMattina
Remembering Larry Steur

Larry Steur

Larry Steur
Larry framing shot at edge of the WoodSongs stage
Larry pointing to overhead stage mics

Larry Steur
Larry Steur
Larry taking aim to capture best frame of a live performance
Larry backstage serving food for the crew and guest artists
Larry Steur & Darth Fader

Larry Steur and Corday
Larry and Kevin "Darth Fader" Johnson backstage
Larry enjoying conversation with Corday
Larry Steur and Homer Ledford
Larry Steur and Sylvia
Harsha Sen, Homer Ledford, and Larry Steur talking after the show
Sylvia previewing backstage images with Larry

Larry Steur: Volunteer & Friend
by Dr. Bob DeMattina

I have worked as a WoodSongs Volunteer with Larry Steur since March of 2002.  Larry and I document the activities of the volunteers, partners, audience members and oh yes, the performers on the State Theater Stage each Monday evening.

Over the years I have watched Larry volunteer to participate in any task to be done under the sun.  As these pictures illustrate,  Larry's personable nature  comes through wherever he is and whatever he is doing.  I am lucky to have known Larry.  I consider Larry Steur to have been my friend.

Dr. Bob DeMattina

* Longtime friend Dr. Robert De Mattina passed in May 2011
Larry Steur
Dr. Bob DeMattina and Larry Steur shared photography duties
Larry reviewing some images taken during the show
Lawrence "Larry" Steur
May 3, 1936 - March 1, 2011

My Friend
by Michael Johnathon

Some friends in life capture your attention by riveting your mind and heart as if they were a spectacular comet exploding through the sky and bursting upon the horizon.

Larry Steur was not that guy.

He was the gentle rain cloud that would softly descend upon a dry land, quietly coaxing the dry flower petals of life to open wide and soak up the rays of the morning sun. Larry was the reason art and music existed. He was the audience. He was the applause. Larry was the happy man with a camera on the third row at festivals and concert halls all over America. My friend had a wide-eyed fascination with life, but he never took center stage. He never stepped into a spot light. Instead, Larry would carry the spotlight into the balcony so others could be seen by it. He was a kind, generous, wonderful, loving, forgiving, innocent, musical and passionate friend.

Larry was in the front row the day we started WoodSongs. This past Monday night, Larry was still in the front row, clicking away as he balanced himself next to camera 4. He was chatty and excited because I asked him if he would like to pick Emmylou Harris up at the airport when she arrived in a couple of weeks. I treasure the look on his face at the end of the broadcast as Dorothy Edwards announced on the show credits that "...our WoodSongs Crew member of the week is the incredibly handsome Larry Steur ..." and he stood there with that massive grin, smiling cheek to cheek.

My last words to Larry was after the show, patting him on the back and telling him "thank you" as he lifted a speaker off the stand, helping pack up and put away the broadcast gear the way he did every single week.

He passed away on a quiet sunny morning, springtime softly stroking the earth as he energetically executed his power walk through Chevy Chase with his friend and walking buddy Mitchell. He didn't know that would be his final walk, his final morning. But it was a sunny morning. He was with his friend. He was doing something he loved to do every day. And he was looking forward to hanging out with Emmylou Harris.

He left us the way he lived, grinning ear-to-ear.

I shall miss my friend always.

Michael Johnathon

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