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Window Reflections          Weathered Bridge          Weathered Bridge - image 2          The Photographer          Shameless Self Promotion          Fourth Street Live          Coors Neon

Cycles of Life          Sail Away          Old Scale - pic 1          Old Scale - pic 2          The Bus - pic 1          The Bus - pic 2          Wonder Horse

Weight of Closure          Downtown Sitting Area          Downtown          Columbus Blue Jackets          Horses in the Field          Jesse Rose Pennington          Zipline Julia

Ziplines - image 2          Ziplines - image 3          Ziplines - image 4          Ziplines - image 5          Patrick McNeese Band          Hard Rock Reflections          Bicycle Rack

Plant Bloom          Golden Pumpkins          Pumplin Walk          Sidewalk Signs          Great Pyrenees          Statue of Mary          Sculptured Iron

Nashville Singer          Flight Memorial          Flight Memorial - image 2          Splintered Trunk          Hockey Game          Hockey Game Camera Crew          Fox Sports

Kroger Banana Box          Sleeping Angel          The Sunflower          Antique Singer          Iron Sphere          Angel Wings          Neon Art

Everybody's Records          Keys of Life          Store Shelf Music          Days Gone By - pic 1          Days Gone By - pic 2          Days Gone By - pic 3          Days Gone By - pic 4

Days Gone By - pic 5          Lexington Cemetery          Lexington Cemetery - pic 4          Lexington Cemetery - pic 5          Lexington Cemetery - pic 6          Fourth Street Live - Louisville, KY          Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Louisville          Hard Rock Cafe          Rock Hound           Downtown Lexington Art - pic 1          Downtown Lexington Art - pic 2          Downtown Lexington Art - pic 3         Downtown Lexington Art - pic 4

Downtown Lexington Art - pic 5          Lexington - Horse Capital of the World          Model Train Museum          Giraffe          Trunks in Ice          Bridge in Columbus, IN          Plow in Indiana Field

Bardstown Road - Louisville, KY          Court House - Lexington, KY          Water Pump          Rockin' Bird          Mount Vernon School House          Sycamore Tree          A Dog's Life

Great Pyrenees          Rock Erosion Barrier          Fourth Street Live - Louisville, KY          Charlie Chaplin

photography by Mark D. McKinley


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