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LexJam LIVE! - Natasha's Bistro, 112 Esplanade
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Lexington is a city thick with musicians, from those who play for the sheer pleasure of it to working professionals. LexJam LIVE! was created to bring the city's players, singers and listeners together in one space once each month to share in the musical conversation of a community jam session. Held at Natasha's Bistro on Esplanade in downtown Lexington, the sessions are open to musicians of all persuasions.

Natasha's has complete sound system - Lexjam equipment includes a full drum kit, keyboard, bass and guitar amplifiers. Natasha's full sound system with microphones and stage monitors tops off the professional setting. Musicians are asked to sign-in according to instrument and are invited to the stage when an opening exists.

LexJam LIVE! is now held from 11AM - 4PM at Natasha's Bistro on Esplanade in downtown Lexington.

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October 19, 2008 - Mark's Online Music Source

Lexjam was born through the creativity of two local businessmen that are also accomplished musicians.  After discussing the possibilities of a monthly jam session over coffee, they began sharing their idea with others and received additional support from local businesses and organizations.  The event debuted on January 6, 2007 at Lexington Center near the Vine Street entrance.

The community jam sessions begin at 1PM and end around 4PM.  Lexjam is open to all musicians, singers, and music enthusiasts.

A variety of music genres are explored each month. Participants are asked to sign the Lexjam roster soon after arrival.  The sign-up sheet allows the emcee to coordinate a smooth rotation of musicians and singers.  Registered guests will gradually be invited to the stage for two songs before the next rotation of participants.  Once each musician or singer has shared the stage for two songs, performers are welcome to rotate back into the sessions.

Lexjam's casual atmosphere is ideal for trying out new material by solo and group artists.  Utilizing Natasha's complete Peavy Sound System, Lexjam now has full capability to mic acoustic instruments, too!  Past sessions have pulled from traditional jazz, blues, modern jazz, bluegrass, folk, country, and an advant-garde acoustic session that evoked a standing ovation!

Lexjam II: Unplugged made it's debute on April 12, 2008.  Visit the Lexjam II link at the top of the page for more information on this new venue!  Check both 2008 Lexjam schedules to confirm monthly event dates.

- Mark McKinley


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