About LexJam Photography

LexJam / WoodSongs Coffeehouse -- a volunteer coordinated venue
By attending LexJam you agree to being photographed to document each month's event.  Our official crew of LexJam photographers are responsible for selection of the images used on this website.  Images are digitally archived indefinitely.  Select images may also be used in a positive light to promote LexJam.

LexJam Attendance Photo/Video Release of Terms and Policies
Upon attending a LexJam event, you consent to your voice, name, and digital image being used in a positive manner on the LexJam website and/or on social media platform - this includes still photography and recorded video.  You release the all volunteer crew that puts on LexJam each month, and its host venue, from any and all liability of any nature.  Your voluntary entrance into the LexJam venue is expressed agreement to the terms stated above.

Personal Use and Sharing of LexJam Photographers' Images
LexJam photography is provided free to further promote you and your music at LexJam.  A photographer's aim is to capture a moment, mood or feeling.  Similar to other art forms, photography is subjective for both photographer and person(s) in front of the lens.  Singers and/or musicians at LexJam are free to use official LexJam images for personal use -- as is.  Proper photographer credit should accompany all shared images.  Respectful to the photographer and their digital imagery, altering and/or re-editing an image is strongly discouraged -- exception being a quality resolution resized image.

Requests for Image Removal
LexJam photographers are passionate about selecting best images for use.  Requests for image removal is not encouraged.  An all volunteer run event, deviations from the norm require additional time on the part of our volunteers.

A person may request that an image be removed from the LexJam website -- images are not removed simply because a person does not like the image.  The website's administrator is usually sympathetic to removal ... if the request is reasonable and well explained.

Spectator and/or Performer Photography
Photography and video recording by anyone in attendance is fine for your own documentation and use.  :)

Thank you for sharing your music with us and being part of the LexJam family!

- Team LexJam