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LexJam II: Unplugged is 'up and running' the entire summer! 
LexJam I:  is taking a 2 Month Hiatus - Next Session: Sept. 11, 2010
Posted June 13, 2010  Lexjam @ Natasha's is on Summer Break ... read all about it!
By Lexjam Team
The Lexjam team has been overwhelmed by musicians' support during the past 3 years, and on behalf of Lexjam I and Lexjam II: Unplugged... Thank You Lexington and surrounding communities!!!

LEXJAM II: Unplugged will be 'up and running' the entire summer! However, we decided in June to give Lexjam @ Natasha's a summer hiatus. So only "Lexjam @ Natasha's is on hiatus" during July and August. Lexjam @ Natasha's will crank it up again on Sept. 11th! Of special note - the Oct. 9 session at Natasha's should be quite a blowout since it's on the final weekend of the World Equestrian Games.

The Lexjam team feels that after 3.5 years, the Lexjam sessions have spawned at least 4-6 local bands and has helped draw closet musicians back out to play - two very good things! Lexjam has become part of the infrastructure of our budding Lexington music scene. Having accomplished these things, we now feel like it's time to step back and take a look at how we can make Lexjam @ Natasha's even better, and more enjoyable, for everybody. Thank you again for your continued support - we look foward to seeing you at Natasha's on September 11, 2010.

In the meantime, be sure to visit Lexjam II: Unplugged each month @ Lexington Center! "Let's Keep On Jammin' Lexington!"

- LexJam Team
LexJam II Unplugged:  2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 
Posted December 10, 2009  Second Year: A Review
By Rennie Neubecker
The November 14th LexJam II Unplugged and 2nd Year Wrapup
- November 26, 2009

LexJam II Unplugged Rocks. Yup, thats what I heard.  Heard it on the multitracker.  Heard Rich Coffield say it.  Must be true.  If the response from those who stopped to listen or stopped to play has an ounce of weight, then yes, LexJam II Unplugged ROCKS!!!  The season finale of LexJam II Unplugged (herein after referred to as LJ II or LJ II UNP), had a great cross section of singer songwriters.  The events being held in Lexington Center also contributed to a revolving cross section of listeners throughout the afternoon.  I am excited about the future of LexJam II Unplugged in that, at the beginning of the season I was worried how this year would go.

Why?  Well because if you read my news article In March @ www.lexjam.com (LexJam II Unplugged: 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY), you noticed I touched on the fact that the last 2 months of LJ II were kind of slow.  Now we did have enough Musicians & music to fill the time slot, but it was on the lean side.  The audience participation was very lean those last two months.  I'm talkin lean as beef jerky.  We did have some listeners, but... So it was decided to take the holiday break.  So starting the year I had some concerns.  However, those concerns were quickly abated when the year started falling together.  We have had a consistently good turnout this year for every jam.  This, I believe, pleases the music gods greatly.

So lets talk about the final session of the year...

Getting there early, I had to navigate the crowd waiting to board busses, going to the UK football game.  The buses are staged there and take hoards of folks to the stadium for these home games.  It's always funny, the looks I get, when I pull up onto the sidewalk.

I'm sure at first, people must think, "'Who the heck is he?  He needs to wait in line like everyone else!"

"S'cuse me folks, not here to cut in line.  Here to unload the nucleus of my universe - the PA system for the loveliness that is LexJam II Unplugged!

"When you guys all get back from the game, we'll still be here just inside.  Come in and make the perfect end to your day downtown."  Enough digressing.

So, I get [my gear unloaded] and the first person to show up and help me with setup Is Grover Mollineaux. Now, Grover is becoming a regular at LexJam II Unplugged and thats a good thing.  Anyhoo, while Grover is helping me with mic placement and running cables I look up, "Oh Goody, here comes more help - Rich Coffield of The Slagsmiths is also here to help!"  I always like it when Rich shows up to play, and even more when he gets there early to help.  Rich has a really great ear and knows the sound system inside and out-- he gets the sound check job when he's there.

First of all I want to give a BIG THANKS to these to fine gentlemen for all the help.  I mean this particular LJ II UNP has another dimension to it.  We are recording today, trying to capture some more of these sessions for an eventual CD release of LJ II's greatest moments.  We're hoping to do the same with regular LexJam also.  As you can see, it's almost like setting up two different sound systems.  Hmmm, actually it IS setting up two different sound systems.

So with everything tweeked and ready to go, I kick off the show with Sun Up 2 Sun Down, an instrumental fingerstyle tune that I wrote for my first CD.  This is the theme tune for LJ II UNP.  Then, I do my announcement speil, giving props to WRFL 88.1 FM, Doo Wop Shop, etc.  A few more tunes, then it's time to bring Grover up on stage.  Grover, as always, entertains us with his killer originals from his first CD Just Me.  Songs like, Kentucky Quarter Moon, and others.  Grover also did a cover or two, like, Arlo Guthries City of New Orleans.  And this was just Grovers FIRST SET.  Next, it was Richs' turn.  Rich is also a songwriter and cover artist.  Rich gave us several tunes including a cover of John Prines' Paradise.  I came up and backed Rich on the chorus.  Hey, it's Prine, I'm gonna get involved if I can.  Rich has this unique gravelly voice that’s cool to listen to and draws you into his world.  Which may or may not be a Big-Ol-Goofy-World. (Prine, I mean pun intended)!

Next up, all the way from Corydon, IN we have Katie & Matt.  That is Katie Toupin and Matt Myers-- folk duet that's hitting the coffee shop circuit pretty heavy in the Southern Indiana / Louisville area.  They came on strong with some covers of Gillian Welch, The Beatles, Jack Johnson, as well as some of their originals.  They have a wide variety of music-- mixing blues, classic rock, folk, and jazz styles.  Their music includes original material by both Katie and Matt.  One of their originals in the first set was Norma Jean.  You can find this cut at their MySpace website: www.myspace.com/katietoupin.  This again shows that LJ II Unplugged is growing.  They came to Lexington just to do the LexJam sessions, and again, Matt and Katie added a feather in the LexJam cap.

Then it is time to welcome the return of John Forgey.  John blazes the acoustic guitar and has absolutely put his own footprint on his style.  John treated us to some great instrumental stuff and did a cool Zepplin medley as well.  It was time for Grover to come back up and do a few more originals from his next record, (yet to be named).  No, thats not the name of his next record, he just hasn’t named it yet silly!  Anyway, he did Going Up and Going Gone.  Rich came up to back him on Going Gone, and for someone who never heard or rehearsed this song before, he did a KILLER JOB of throwing some backing leads into the song.  It is an instant classic for me.  Of course, this is my humble opinion and yes, there is such a thing as “backing leads” for those of you in Athens.  I know it sounds kinda oxymoronic.

The next hour or so saw us all rotating in various incarnations on stage except that when Katie & Matt came back up they were joined By Adam A.W.O.L.  Now Adam is the front man for Slackjaw, and the sound man for Scott Said & Backroads.  So he joins in with Katie & Matt on Steal My Kisses, then leads them on some of his own bluesy tunes he wrote like: Gotta Do What I Gotta Do, amongst others.  So they're up there doing their thing and I see this young lady dancing her way through the Food Court, heading in our direction.   So of course I, the humble host, have to engage her in conversation as she is obviously into what she's hearing.  After quick introductions, she tells me that she just called her boyfriend, Spencer-- says Spencer is on his way to the pawnshop to get his guitar and come down and play.  Hey, don’t say nothing, I remember my old Epiphone PR 250, used to be in and out of the pawnshop so much that it didn’t know where to call home.  Doesn’t seem like that long ago, really.

After Katie and Matt do some more covers and more of their own originals, I see a young man coming through the door with a guitar-- this must be Spencer.  It is.  We got Spencer up there the next break.  After lengthy tune up, Spencer treated us to about 15 minutes of cool instrumental stuff and I think he was improving most of it on the fly.  Wow, what an afternoon so far, eh?  Where’d the time go.  So with about half an hour remaining, I set out to do a few more songs that I just knew I had to get in there.  Lord Wont’Ch Guide Me, (from my upcoming record), Like A Rock, a song I learned after I carried a close friend to his grave.  It was his favorite song of all, and I get awesome response with my version, which is true to the original with my folksy flair added.  Now its time to get Katie, Matt, and Spencer to help me close out the afternoon with, Wagon Wheel and Knockin' on Heavens Door, both Dylan tunes-- the former, being best known as one of Old Crow Medicine Shows biggest hit covers.  So yes it's been a great year for LexJam II Unplugged, and I cant wait 'til next year.  Matter of fact, I just got off the phone a little while ago with Caroline Puterbaugh, and I should have the February and March LexJam II: Unplugged dates by the middle of next week.  Yeaaa..

This leads me to where I give a huge THANK YOU to all of the following people;

First of all, Lexington Center, and Caroline Puterbaugh, for with out Caroline and Lexington Center, we would have no place to play.  I want to thank the other folks who work for Lexington Center-- James, Jerry, etc., for always having tables, chairs, and for having everything they do ready to go when I get there. You guys don’t know what this means to me in regards to me getting my stuff unpacked and set up as quickly as possible.

Next up, I want to thank two people [that are doing a lot] behind the scenes.  Although they have not been on stage yet, I expect we’ll see them on stage at some point next year--  Eric Hutchens and Mylinda Dockery.  Mylinda has been coming to LJ II UNP as of late and supports what we are trying to do for the area.  You can find her link on my links page, and I have talked about the Music Institute of Lexington before.  Mylinda is the Founder and Executive Director of the Music Institute of Lexington.  Eric has done so much to support us, including helping me with setup / teardown on many occasions.  Eric's daughter, Serena, plays the fiddle and has played LexJam II on several occasions.  Eric is also a luthier and did a nice job fixing up my Martin DM.
As always, Mark & Tammy McKinley, for piloting the LexJam website, and all the photography, and their help with setup / teardown.

Now I’ll give thanks to all the musicians who came out
this year to play at LexJam II Unplugged:
Serena Hutchens
Blakeley Berger
Almira Fawn
Tom Cool
Mark Taylor
Donavan “Big D” Howard
David Price
Tom Grafton
Tony Jasper
Steve “Fuzzy” Knopka
Sam Wooden
Madalyn Boy
Jerry Belsak
Matthew Connery
Rich Coffield
Brett Higgins
Grover Mollineaux
Michael Anderson
John Forgy
Jennifer Forgy
Katherine Peppiatt
The guys from Transy University
    (they left before I could get their names)
Katie & Matt
    (Katie Toupin, Matt Myers)
Adam A.W.O.L.
Spencer (last name is unknown)

a few guys from the Hope Center

And a few others that drifted through during the 2009.

Wow.  Pretty impressive, huh?

So we have had quite a few folks come down and play.  Most of these people show up time and again, and for that, your humble host is most appreciative.  Please, please, if I have left anyone out, LET ME KNOW, so that I can get you posted here.  Also, if you find any inaccuracies in my reporting, please bring them to my attention ASAP, so I can get them corrected.

A lot of these fine musicians have their own Websites and MySpace pages. You will find them sprinkled through out my news updates and some are on my LINKS page.

One last time, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for making our second year of LexJam II Unplugged a huge success.  See you in February-- keep checking www.rennieneubecker.com for news of what I’m doing and how my record is coming along, and who I’m out there with, bringing music to the masses.

Attention Jazz Musicians in the Fayette County Area!!! 
June 30, 2009  "Spotlight Lexington" - three downtown stages ~ 2010 FEI Games
By Thomas W. Habermann
I'm the jazz contact for "Spotlight Lexington," which is the festival for three downtown stages during the two-week 2010 FEI Games.

The Special Events committee asked me to recruit as many jazz musicians as possible, to perform on these stages.

If you're interested in playing, you must fill out this application and remit it to me before July 6!  Mail it to me, at my work address below, or email to me as a pdf if you're able.

The following link has information on the event, AND a link to the entertainment application;

I know this application indicates to remit to Krista Greathouse - but that's an old reference - they're using a contact for the various genres, and I'm the contact for jazz. So, please send to me.

If you have questions, let me know - otherwise, just complete the application the best you can, and I'll compile these and present to the Committee on July 8. Thank you!
       Thomas W. Habermann
       Operations Manager, Lexington Opera House
       Lexington Center Corporation
       430 West Vine Street
       Lexington, KY 40507
       Phone: 859/233-4567 ext. 3289
       Fax: 859/253-2718
Children's Hour @ LexJam II Unplugged - May 16th 
May 12, 2009  "Brand New... Exciting news!!!
By Rennie Neubecker
Hey Folks,
Saturday, May 16th is approaching fast.  LexJam II Unplugged will feature a new twist this month!
CHILDREN'S HOUR - yes, the first hour will be for the kids!  There are no hard fast rules at this time.  That means kids can sing or play anything they want.  This includes electrical instruments.  This will be for kids up to 14 or 15ish.  We will see how this goes & decide if we need to make changes or set any rules, but for now its experimental.  For all us GRUPS, its still an Acoustic jam.  So saddle up the kids & bring them down - the success of this new change is in your hands!
I think Almira Fawn will be "Master of Ceremonies" for this part of the show.  This, of course, when she's not out gigging.  It looks like her calender is gonna start filling up fast.  She will be at Regatta's every Monday in May from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.
Rennie Neubecker  - LexJam II host
LexJam II Unplugged:  1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 
March 26, 2009  "EXTRA! ... EXTRA! ... read all about it!!!"
By Rennie Neubecker
April 12, 2008 -- a black SUV pulls up in front of the Lexington Center.  Much to the surprise of the cars behind it, it brazenly pulls up on the sidewalk and parks.  The occupants get out... open the back... and then start unloading what looks to be guitars and pro audio equipment.  Unusual?  No, not really... Matter of fact, many have come before -- street buskers, magicians, childrens choirs, various acts during 4th of July celebrations, etc.  You get the picture.  So what's going on then?  Well... this misty late morning in mid April of "2008" is the first Lexjam II: Unplugged acoustic session.  More cars show up, and out come more guitars, fiddles, and banjos.  Within a few hours, the inside of Lexington Center has the sweet sounds of bluegrass, folk, country, and even a bit of acoustic blues, flowing throughout the lower level.

"I had been attending LexJam regularly since August of "2007".  I would try to get there early and help setup, and then just absolutely GROOVE on the music I heard being played.  I would wait my chance to go up and play a song or two, then stay around to hear who else might come up to play".  LexJam is primarily a jazz  and blues gig, but you will also hear just about any genre of music imaginable.  As I attended these sessions, I noticed more musicians coming out, and less time alotted to the various group and solo acts.  I started thinking... if LexJam could be expanded to include an acoustic show on a separate date, then we could give more musicians time to play... give everyone a chance to attend both sessions, if they wanted... and, define a stronger classification between the two venues while expanding LexJam name recognition and exposure.  I think it hit me at the "2007" November session.

Tom Martin, co-founder of LexJam, advised me that the November 2007 Jam session would be dedicated to the memory of Uncle Dave Kiser.  This was the day of Uncle Dave's funeral.  Dave had passed after a long bout with cancer.  For those of you who dont know, Dave Kiser was a longtime DJ at WRFL 88.1 FM and a friend to all who knew him.  Dave was also the first person to ever play one of my record's on the radio.  I attended the funeral and let Uncle Dave's musician friends know about the dedicated LexJam session.  Many of Uncle Dave's friends showed up and played music that afternoon.  I started talking to people, asking their thoughts on an acoustic version of LexJam, and the idea was well received.  Lexjam II: Unplugged, or the concept, I should say, was seeded that day in the fall of "2007".  So after a few months of talking to all the founding LexJammers, LexJam II: Unplugged was born.  Thanks to the coordination of Tom Martin, Mike Thompson, Caroline Puterbaugh, and a host of other people behind the scenes, we found a place to play.

The charter core members of LexJam II Unplugged include Dick and Shirley Hudson, Carla Van Hoose, Keith Elkins and Carol Smith.  Later in the year we were joined by core members Mike Anderson and D.J. Crowe. Each month the venue grew and then posters were made and printed.  Two 3 x 4 foot banners were made and folks started showing up to get their chance to play.  We had several special Guest / Guest hosts, including Tom Cool, Almira Fawn, Kent Eric Gardner, and others.  The feedback from people was encouraging.

Near the end of "2008" we noticed a slow down of attending musicians and spectators, so it was decided that we would give it a break during the holidays.  Now, I'm not one to throw in the towel at the first sign of possible problems, so with my chin held high, I (your humble host), got the dates together for the first two sessions of the year.  Those dates would be February 7th and March 7th.  I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility that I might be doing a solo show for the good visitors of Lexington Center, and put together my set list accordingly.  I had sent e-mails but didn't get much feedback.  I was a littile worried, but undaunted - at least no anxiety attacks.  Then the day came, as I was setting up the PA system I saw a familiar face walking toward the stage area.  It was none other than Donavan "Big D" Howard.  Donavan played at the very first LexJam II: Unplugged, and is a great "singer / songwriter in his own right.  "Big D" is also a DJ at WRVK in Renfro Valley, Kentucky.  I also noticed a couple more people show up with guitar cases.  Are these guys here to serenade, or propose, to their girlfriend?  No… they're here to play at LexJam II: Unplugged.  Yeaaaa… these turned out to be Tom Grafton and David Price, (in that order).

Both of these fine young men had a lot to add to the show.  You can read more about what everyone who contributed brought to the sessions by simply looking back through my news pages for the LexJam II: Unplugged updates.  Then, our good friend and "part time regular" (believe me, it makes sense) Tony Jasper came on board.  Tony likes to set in and play rhythm with anyone who strikes his fancy.  We encourage that.  After all, that's exactly what LexJam is about!

Ok... so the 1st session of "2009" is a success.

March 7th, I prepare once again for the possibilty of doing a solo act.  After all, can we be this fortunate again?  My fears are once again calmed, because yes we can.  I received an e-mail from Almira Fawn, telling me she plans on being there.  This is wonderful news as it's always fun to get a chance to play with this talented young musician, and we do a couple of songs together that are fun, and we do better each time.  We are also treated to the awesome country baritone of Sam Wooden who is sent to us by none other than Brian Powers of regular LexJam.  Sam is also a singer/songwriter.  Thanks again, Brian.  We were also treated to a young lady on vacation by the name of Madalyn Boy.  As I mentioned before, you can read more about these artists in the respective "News Updates" on my website at www.rennieneubecker.com.

It looks like we have started the year out on the right foot.  Hey, any time I DON'T have to do my whole set list is a major good time!  I also hope to get some of our original "core members" back out this year, and hopefully, that will start with our 1 Year Anniversary show.  This session will be APRIL 18th, 2009.

With all of your help, I think we can make the 1 Year Anniversary show a complete success, a LOT of fun, and the foundation for an even bigger "2009".  After all, LexJam II: Unplugged, is nothing without all the good folks who show up and make it happen.  So "congratulations to LexJam and LexJam II: Unplugged.  My wish is for the continued growth of both of these fine JAM sessions.

See You There!!!

LexJam II Unplugged: An Appeal For Core Band Members
February 01, 2009 UPDATE
By Rennie Neubecker
First off, the first LexJam II Unplugged of the New Year will be Feb,7th.  We will be playing the same spots as last year, Food court area & outside under the awning, when the weather cooperates.

This is an appeal to gain more core band members, as we were a bit thin at some of the sessions last year.  I realize some of the folks were either out of town or just fans of music, so the purpose of this appeal is to gain more core band members.  The ideal situation would be to have 10-12, (or more,hey everyone likes a party), core members, as this makes it easier when some can't make it.  I understand everyone can't make every session, (hey, I had to bail last July for the sons wedding), so it would be nice to have plenty "core folks" to fulfill the needs of a 4 hour jam session.

Also it would be ideal if members did not miss more than 2 straight months.  This helps me greatly in keeping a consistent flow of music, when outside musicians are sparse.  We were pretty lucky last year as only one or two sessions were lean on outside musicians.

We had some really great guest hosts / special guests, last season, with the likes of Almira Fawn, Tom Cool, Kent Eric Gardner, etc.  I want to keep this tradition alive as well & look forward to some new special guests, as well as the return of some of the former special guests.

Yes we call it unplugged, but we use a small PA system, for all the right reasons.  If we were totally unplugged we would just be a small group of people, who would only be heard by ourselves.  I believe we have a legitimate voice in the area music community & deserve to be heard.  I believe we have a valid mission to do our part to help foster
live music in Lexington & should take that mission seriously.

I hear often & have witnessed myself, how other cities (Louisville, Cincinnati, Indy, etc) have a thriving music scene, that are much bigger & more supported than ours.  (It hurts when I hear that).  Yes we have some really nice things going on here, LexJam (the original), Southland jamboree And a handfull of small open bar jams & private jams. But... We still have a long way to go to catch up with the other guys.  We have some killer local musicians I know of who claim they can't buy a decent gig in Lex.  We also have the issue of getting the people at home, (Those who claim to be music fans, not musicians) to put down their I-pods & cell phone text messaging, long enough to come out to hear live music.  It is the responsibility of all of us in the music community, to give them a reason to do just that. If we lead by example, maybe we can encourage these fans to engage.  I have been to many shows here the last several months & have yet to see a packed venue.

Ok, sorry to have gone off on a little rant there, But I feel a lil better now.  So to not make this e-mail any longer I'll keep the rest of my rants & stuff on my News Page at my website. www.rennieneubecker.com.  Please e-mail this plea to anyone you might think would be interested.  I hope those of you who can, will consider being part of the LexJam scene (either LexJam), and help us do our small part to help the live music scene grow to what it once was.

Hope to hear from you or see you at "LexJam II Unplugged"  "If you Can String It, Bring It"


By the way, anyone interested in being part of the "core team" please let me know as soon as possible, so I can let Mark McKinley know for the LexJam website.
January 11, 2009  UPDATE - January 10th - Great Session!!!
By Tom Martin and LexJam Team

Hey folks,

Happy New Year to you!  '08 was a humdinger and '09 certainly promises more.
Lexjam has settled nicely into Natasha's Bistro on The Esplanade in downtown Lexington.

Sessions are scheduled for 1-4pm on the second Saturday of each month.
Please spread the word and make sure you bring an appetite.

LexJam has improved --vastly-- since the move to Natasha's.

New "Guidelines and Suggestions" are being handed out in an effort
to make jam session rotations smoother,
and raise the level of musicianship.

Hope everyone can join us each month - 2nd Saturday at Natasha's Bistro!

LexJam Moves to Natasha's
October 19, 2008 UPDATE - LexJam at Natasha's on November 15th!!!        DIRECTIONS
Join us for another incarnation of the LexJam venue
Dear friends of LexJam,

Well folks, we're moving. Again. And hoping beyond hope that with this move we will have found a "home" for this effort. We've been at it for nearly two-years (can you believe it?)

We tried the Lexington Center. They were incredibly gracious, offering use of a Steinway concert grand, a B-3 + twin leslies, furniture setup, etc. In the end, however, there were volume issues that were impossible to overcome and storage was an issue, as well. We then tried the Old Tarr Distillery building. The owner was also gracious, constructing a secure storage space and bending over backwards to accommodate us. He was not able, at the time and due to circumstances out of his control, to meet promises of heating, etc. With winter approaching and in response to a generous invitation from LexArts, we picked up and moved to ArtsPlace. Good acoustics, comfortable setting, decent storage -- but too far off the beaten path with no food service and, consequently, low turnout. On to Annette's where we were welcomed with open arms and provided an ideal storage and setup situation. The acoustics were good and the food, terrific. But, ultimately, the setting is just too formal. There has been the age-old problem with volume versus diners' conversations. The restaurant needs to be able to offer its menu to make it worthwhile to staff a Saturday and we need to be free to function in an uninhibiting setting. I talked it over with Annette and we agree that it really was worth trying, but it's just not working out the way we had envisioned. I applaud her spirit in making every effort to accommodate us. Dave McWhorter's Fri. and Sat. evening jazz sessions are, on the other hand, working out well. I think the atmopshere and ambience are far more conducive to the genre and we should do all we can to help Dave grow his concept of reestablishing live jazz performance in the market.

Meawhile, I had received overwhelmingly negative feedback from LexJam I musicians, many of whom are relatively novice and are dipping a toe into the waters of group performance, or are more seasoned and interested in helping to strenghthen the local musicians' scene and just want a casual atmosphere where they are not being told to turn down, etc. LexJam I is, after all, amplified rock, blues, country, jazz. We tried to integrate bluegrass and other forms of acoustic genres and while there were occasional inspired moments it turned out that we were just spreading ourselves too thin by trying to accommodate so many competing interests. Rennie Neubecker is to be highly commended for recognizing this and stepping up to foster the all-acoustic LexJam II and we need to continue to support his very thoughtful efforts. And our friends at the Lexington Center continue their supportive role by providing LexJam II with space, its volume levels more conducive to the general environment.

SO...off we go to (drum roll) Natasha's! We will convene there on Saturday, Nov. 15, 1-4(ish)pm. The casual, funky atmosphere is far more conducive to a saturday afternoon community jam session and there is the option of setting up outdoors in nice weather. Food & drink are available and so is ample nearby parking.

We would like to reestablish momentum and are asking for your help in spreading word of this move. Please encourage your musician friends and relatives to help us grow the musician community in Lexington. Suggest that they add our website, Lexjam.com, to their favorites and check it for updates. But above all, please urge them to come and play -- and to volunteer to be on hand for setup and teardown (not fun for two, but a breeze for half-a-dozen.) And also please offer your ideas.

To our media friends, please...please...help us with this all-volunteer, community effort to respond to the 21st century reality that an actively creative place retains and attracts actively creative minds. The result can be a whole lot of fun.

Thank you all for the time, muscle and talent you have invested. Let's keep it rolling!


Tom Martin
Lexjam - Archived News
   March 18, 2008 - Lexjam II: Unplugged Series
   By Rennie Neubecker

Is this cool, or what?

 LexJam II: Unplugged - the new acoustic version of LexJam. These once monthly Jam sessions are geared more toward the acoustic artists & musicians in the area. This is an opportunity for all Bluegrass, Folk, Americana & Acoustic Country musicians to come together to Jam together, network, learn, promote & just further all aspects of your music endeavors, careers & study in all things musical. These sessions will normally be held on different weekends than regular LexJam, To afford everyone the opportunity to enjoy both sessions. There will be occasions when both Jams will be held on the same Saturday (such as the first one) to coincide with special events or as needs dictate.

Rennie Neubecker will host LexJam II: Unplugged, with co-hosts and special guest hosts to be announced leading up to these sessions.

LexJam II: Unplugged will follow standard LexJam protocol, as far as Jam times, sign in, rotations, and such. A sign in sheet will be provided for you to put your name and skill level. Everyone will get at least a 2 song time slot and then be welcomed back into the rotation. Time slots will be adjusted per volume of people attending & signing up.

Remember just like regular LexJam, LexJam II: Unplugged is open to all musicians, singers, and music enthusiasts. See You There...

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