LexJam Acoustic Cafe



Please play in tune and in key.
    Guitars: a Boss stompbox tuner is onstage.  Horns: ask the keyboard to help you tune.

Don't hog solo opportunities.  Others may have something to say, as well.

Don't cut off another soloist.  Wait your turn.

Respect other soloists' ideas by not doodling around on your ax during their solos.

Use space.  Think about when to play - when not to play.

Don't play over the singer.
    It's ok to fill in between their phrases as long as it's done tastefully.

Learn and get comfortable with some tunes,
    make simple chord-change charts, copy them and bring them.

A community jam is about mutual respect for all the players regardless of ability.
    Never be critical of another person on the bandstand.  If you have something to say to a fellow player
    about pitch, tone, sense of time, or whatever, wait until the break.

Have fun!  But get to know when it's time to step down, make way for and enjoy other players.

Elaboration of Guidelines...
1. Please mind your volume.  We want the session to be enjoyable for listeners as well as players.  And keep in mind that our gracious hosts here at Natasha's have other customers to consider.

2. This is an open jam session - some groupings of players will work well, some will not.  If a jam doesn't hold together well or loses energy, members of the LexJam LIVE! staff will refresh the players list to make sure that the energy and quality of music remain high.  If this happens to you - don't worry.  It's not necessarily your playing, it's just a part of the natural ebb and flow of the jam.  Stick around - you'll probably get another chance to play.

3. We try to get everyone on stage at least once.  Certain groups of regulars or full bands, however, will want to play together. Please be patient with us, but if you do have to wait for awhile, ask a LexJam LIVE! staffer when your turn might be.  We're more than happy to let you know how the jam is going.

4. Sometimes you will have a bad music day.  This happens to all of us occasionally.  Please don't get discouraged.  Find a more experienced player and ask for advice. Practice at home.   

5. This jam relies on respect.  Musical respect comes in many forms: being considerate of other players during soloing; refraining from criticizing those playing, etc.  Please also respect musicians of different playing levels than your own - if someone less experienced than you is struggling, help them out, and don't intentionally overshadow them.  If you find yourself on stage with a bunch of monster players and don't think you can quite hang with them, maybe it's time to sit one out - sometimes it's fun to watch the big dogs play.  There is also respect for the music and for the audience: always try to be musical when playing on stage.  That sounds basic, we know, but it's important to remember that the jam doesn't work unless every player is conscious of the music and how it sounds to the audience.  If something isn't working for you, try something else, but always try to keep it within the context of the music - it might be fun to do a blazing shred guitar solo, but that won't work in the middle of a slow blues ballad.  Music is also as much about knowing when not to play, so think about where you and your instrument fit in the context of the jam.

6. Have fun!  If you aren't having fun, please find a LexJam LIVE! staffer immediately and let us know.  Don't go away mad, and definitely don't go away and stay away.  We may not necessarily agree with you, but we will listen to and consider your concerns very seriously.  We work hard to make this a fun and musical experience for all, so we do welcome your comments and suggestions.