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           Perform at Applebee's Park
           April 4, 2008 - Bands/Musicians/Singers - Opportunities
           By Lexington Legends  &  Mark's Online Music Source
Applebee's Park
Perform at Applebee's Park
Lexington Legends 2008 season


Publicity for you or your group
Bring a sign, banner, or other promotion material
and direct visitors to your gigs, websites, etc.

Applebee's Park staff will assist with setup and teardown
A mic, p.a. box, 2 speakers, provided
- additional gear must be provided by performers.

Enjoy the game after the gig
- performers recieve free admission to the Legends game.

For more information and to schedule performance dates,
call 859-252-HITS
Schedule early for best choice of available dates.

Send e-mail to: community@lexingtonlegends.com

Open dates as of April 4, 2008;

Mon - May 12, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

Mon - May 26, Game: 12:05pm,  performance: 10:45-12:15

Wed - Jun  4, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

Thu - Jun  5, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

Wed - Jun 25, Game: 12:05pm,  performance: 10:45-12:15

Wed - Jul  2, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

Mon - Jul 21, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

Wed - Aug 20, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

Thu - Aug 21, Game:  7:05pm,  performance:  5:45-7:15

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