LexJam: a WoodSongs Coffeehouse
LexJam - a WoodSongs Coffeehouse
2017 LexJam Sponsors:

Willie's Locally Known              WoodSongs Coffeehouse

David McRae Photography              www.mogswebsite.com

LexMusicBox.com                     Skinny Devil Music Lab

December 09, 2017
Time & Place TBA


* For more information on how you can contribute
to LexJam's success, please contact Rennie Neubecker

Our persistent online presence: Mark D McKinley
LexJam Team ... a WoodSongs Coffeehouse
Rennie Neubecker - host, team leader, musician support, tech support
WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour - promotion/affiliate
Larry Williams, Kim Neubecker - stage support, artist support
Brain Williams, Greg Rhodus, Pat Cramer - stage support
Candelyn Neubecker - stage support, artist support
Eric Hutchens - luthier, tech support, artist support, stage
Matthew Florez, Terry Poirier - sound, live recording, stage
Mark & Tammy McKinley - photography, website, promotion
David McRae, John W Johnson, Dana Smith - photography
Larry Neuzel, Upsorn Hutchens, Kay Foley  - photography
Willie's Locally Known - host venues, stage and support!
Additional LexJam Support:
David M McLean - education, musician support, promotion
Tim Fowler, David Cubine, J.D. Wright - musician support
Michael Johnathon - musician support/promotion
Paul Felice - education, musician support, promotion
Rick Coleman - artist support, promotion
Allison Cubit - LexJam Facebook, promotion, photo/video

Sundowns & S-E-C Sports Pub - LexJam Venue Hosts
BackStretch Bar & Grill - LexJam Venue Hosts
Tom Martin & Mike Thompson - LexJam co-founders

In addition to every musician, singer, and music enthusiast!

"Full bands that'd like to perform a cameo set should contact Rennie Neubecker"

Attention: Musicians and Singers, Please sign the LexJam roster when you arrive
- we'll give you a "few minutes warning" before you're called upon to perform!  :]
              * Your Help is Greatly Appreciated.  Contact Rennie Neubecker, Larry Williams, or Mark McKinley
                 before or after an event if you'd like to help with any aspect of LexJam - A WoodSongs Coffeehouse!

              * We Want to Thank Everyone that has ever helped assemble and/or dismantle amps, cables, mics,
                 soundboards, speakers, and other equipment during a LexJam event!