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Brigitte DeMeyer

(October, 2003) -  Brigitte DeMeyer is an ambitious singer/songwriter and musician exploring life through her music.  DeMeyer moved to the west coast several years ago.  After college she relocated to the San Fransico Bay area and started performing at local venues.  As people began to take notice, her dream of being a performer was becoming a reality.  Since the release of Another Thousand Miles, DeMeyer has traveled several thousand miles, gaining the respect of fans and musicians around the country.

DeMeyer has opened sell-out concerts for artists such as Dan Fogelberg, Marc Cohn, Hall & Oates, Bob Dylan and others.   Another Thousand Miles was a nice introduction to DeMeyer's music.  Her 2002 release, Nothing Comes Free, expounds on her roots influences, sharing a deep appreciation for the blues.  Brigitte's music is often accompanied on the road, and in the studio by the talented fretwork of Chris Rossbach.

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The Interview  Where were you born, and how long did you live there before moving to the west coast?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  I was born in Michigan.  We moved around a lot until I was about 7, and then settled in Southern California.  San Diego to be exact.  What types of music influenced you the most while growing up?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  I have sort of eclectic taste really. I appreciated different music for different things.  When I was really young, I was mostly influenced by gospel and soul singers.  Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Aretha.  I wanted to sing like that.  At the same time, I was also really into The Beatles because of their amazing songwriting.

Instrumentally, I really grew to love Southern music, from Country to Southern rock.  Through time, it was the stringed instruments that really stood out to me, particularly acoustic guitars ... leading me to a strong liking of bluegrass and folk music.  Newgrass Revival, Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Patti Griffin, Steve Earle ...... When I discovered these folks I really felt inspired.  It's hard to narrow down, but, I'd say that covers it.  Was there a particular artist that breathed life into your pursuit of songwriting?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  Most recently, say in the last 6 or 7 years, I can name two straight away ... Steve Earle, and Patti Griffin. But there are SO many. Chris Rossbach provides incredible accompaniment to your guitar playing.  How did that musician partnership happen?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  I heard him playing in a hole in the wall bar in the early 90's and thought he was a good player.  We ended up running around in the same music circles and kept landing in the same music projects together.  We seemed to have a good musical chemistry whenever we'd play together, so we started doing our own thing.  It seemed to work, so I kept inviting him to come on back.  It's been ten years of that now, maybe more...  What's the most valuable lesson voice coach Judy Davis taught you?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  I learned many things from her ... the most important was proper breathing.  She also taught me how to strengthen my vocal chords and keep them strong.  She really made me understand that my voice is an instrument and the proper way to take care of it.  I am so thankful to her.  When you open a show as a solo performer, how does your approach differ from that of a duo or band setting?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  There's a lot more pressure when I play solo because it's ALL me, so I practice more methodically for shows like that, with a metronome, for example.  When I play as a duo, or, with a band, I have to blend with them, so I have to use my ears more and listen to what they are doing.  In both cases, I mostly try to play clean and simple, with my voice being the main focus.  I also try to just to get into as relaxed a state as possible, so I can lose myself in the music.  Seems to work out better that way.  The song, Horse Hunk has a jam session attitude about it... was the song initially written that way, or was it the result of an inspired recording session?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  I didn't have a definite end planned for that one.  The band just went off during the recording session and I like how it turned out so I kept it all on there.  There's much to be said for spontaneity.  What do you consider the perfect writing environment?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  Wherever there is inspiration.  As a songwriter, have you ever considered how your songs would transfer onto canvas using an artist's paint brush?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  I actually love to paint, but, haven't tried painting to my own music.  It would be a cool experiment.  Not sure how it would transfer because my music has a lot of different moods.  Interesting question though.  What prompted your cover of The Beatles tune, Oh! Darling?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  Actually, Stef Burns and I were just goofing around between takes in the studio, and he asked me if I knew that song.  I said "I think so", he started to play it, I started to sing it, the engineer pressed record, and that's what came out.  Simple as that. It wasn't even planned, but, we liked the sound so we kept it as a hidden track ... just for fun.  Nothing Comes Free has deeper blues influences than your first release, and it's an excellent followup.  What can we look for in your next project?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  My next project will be produced by Brady Blade who in the last 2 years has become a wonderful music collaborator and friend to me.  He really seems to get what my strengths are, and we're going to try and exemplify those in the best way we can.  Vocals and lyrics are always my key focus, and I am in the writing and planning stages now.  We start recording my next CD in May 2004.  Not aiming to do a bluesy thing, but, you never know what's going to come out of me.  There will be some stellar players ... including a few that you will recognize who I haven't played with before.  I am very excited.  Overall, I think it will be acoustic guitar driven.  Would you ever consider doing anything else besides music, given the opportunity?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  Maybe become a mom someday.  Biggest job in the world in my book.  If not that, something to do with horses.  Just love them.  Where do you see your life and career 10 years from now?

Brigitte DeMeyer:  Still singing, writing, playing my guitar, and running around with my crazy musician friends.  On the personal side, living somewhere out in the country with my husband and checking out different places in the world whenever possible.  Ever questing for peace, health, love, and music, in no particular order.

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