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Welcome to FunKyLAN      Zandale Shopping Center
FunKyLAN..."Serious Games for Serious Gamers"


FunKyLAN is located at 2220 Nicholasville Road, Suite 112, Zandale Shopping Center in Lexington, Kentucky.  We are about half-way between the University of Kentucky and New Circle Road.

FunKyLAN offers spacious friendly, fully accessible environment, comfortable chairs, and impressive computers on a Gigabit network.

While a few of our systems have external speakers attached these do not give the same level of enjoyment as a good earphones.  Speakers may be disconnected if they distract other customers.

For enhanced game play customers are encouraged to bring their own head sets or they may purchase a set from FunKyLAN.
Some customers also bring their own keyboard, pointing devices, joy stick or other USB devices.

Food & Drink
FunKyLAN is not a restaurant but FunKyLAN has a varied offering for the convenience of our customers including:

Select bottled soft drinks featuring BAWLS High Caffeine Guarana Soft Drink and JONES SODA CO. sodas.

Prepackaged candy, biscuits and cookies, chips, jerky and other snacks.

Cyber Cafe
A Cyber Café is a combination Internet Café and Cyber Game Store.  FunKyLAN is Central Kentucky's oldest and largest Cyber Café.

Internet Cafe
The term "Internet Café" refers to a place where one chooses from a "menu" of Internet or other electronic services, similar to a menu of food items at a classic café.  Internet access is provided, either on the store's equipment, or with routers for connecting customer laptops.

Some Internet Cafés also offer full service restaurant fare while others may offer only coffee or other beverages and snacks.  Some Internet Cafés offer no food items at all.

FunKyLAN offers filtered internet access from our in-store network.  Internet sites with adult content cannot be seen.

FunKyLAN offers unfiltered internet access for laptop users.  However we request that our customers follow all local laws regarding such sites.  FunKyLAN has a broad range of customers and we will request that those not complying to this request leave the premises.

Cyber Game Store
A Cyber Game Store is a business that offers PC based Games and other computer services.

FunKyLAN specializes in PC-based games.  We do not offer console games such as Play-Station and X-box.  This allows FunKyLAN to concentrate on our selection of PC-based games.

FunKyLAN was the first Steam Powered Cyber Café in Central Kentucky authorized to offer the Valve games for commercial use.  See our Games section and the links for more details.

 Central Kentucky's oldest and largest Internet Café and Cyber Game store.  The first Cyber Café in Central Kentucky authorized to offer the Steam products.


FunKyLAN Internet Cafe and Gamers Room
Fast Computers!
Use for only $3.00 per hour *

Connect your laptop to the internet for only $1.50 per hour!
- two hour minimum -

Microsoft Office Pro Including:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Student Special
Between 2:30pm and 7pm
2 hours min purchase @ $2.50/hr.
ID required for older students

High Speed Internet Access
* Membership saves $$$
(Rates low as $2.50 per hr.)

       * Battlefield 1942
       * Far Cry
       * Counter-Strike Source
       * Half Life
       * Unreal Tornament 2004
       * HALO
       * Battlefield Vietnam
          and more.

View screenshots of games listed above.

FunKyLAN offers a wide selection of games.  Most of our games are rated using the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system.

Several games produced by Microsoft are not rated but they fall into the description for the "E" for "Everyone" category.
FunKyLAN offers no "AO" or "Adult Only" rated games.

Some games are rated using the European system.  These ratings are similar in many respects to the ESRB system.  For these games we have made an attempt to match the ESRB ratings as closely as we could.

Some of the games are quite graphic and have language not appropriate for everyone.  We suggest earphones.

Parents - Please Notice

FunKyLAN now groups games by ESRB rating but does not restrict access or monitor who plays which games.  If there is a game you do not want your minor to play please discuss this with him or her.

We have observed that minors tend to exit games that are more mature than they can grasp.  They soon tire and move on to more appropriate activities.

Click the Screenshots logo and
view screenshots of our games
including links to official game sites.

Other Services
FunKyLAN offers nine workstations with the Microsoft Office™ suite (except outlook).  Come to FunKyLAN to create great looking documents.  For more about this service see our Office™ page.

FunKyLAN will offer merchandise for sale from time to time. Besides the food items for sale in the store, we offer a variety of computers, parts, games, and other software.

Watch for more details about our GAME OF THE MONTH!

Welcome to FunKyLAN


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