Gene Fourton

"That's Entertainment" in San Francisco with the Esther Phillips Blues Band under the direction of saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, which was recorded at the Old Waldorf; the NBC television Tonight and Today Shows with Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra and with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra for the Boston Pops Channel 13 Concert Series, which was recorded at Boston Symphony Hall; and with dancer and choreographer Bob Fosse for various television shows in New York City, Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Gene tells about his meeting with Miles Davis at the age of 16:

When I was sixteen years of age I was working as a gas station attendant pumping gas and changing oil and tires at a Shell Gas Station in Wilton, Connecticut.  Suddenly, one afternoon I observed two men entering the gas station area in a gray Lamborghini Murcielggo (e.g. a $300,000.00 Italian sports car) and I recognized the driver immediately because he appeared similarly on the album inside the cover of the famous "Bitches Brew" recording, namely Miles Davis.  Although I did not want to reveal I knew who he was, I asked him what his name was and he said, "my name is Miles Davis."  Immediately, I introduced myself and told him I was both an admirer of his and a musician.  He said, "fill up my car with premium."  As I was filling up his car with gas I asked him if he had any musical advice for me so as how to approach music and he said, "I advise Tony Williams and Jack DeJohnette to practice their drumming rudiments, piano and music theory."

Indeed, as I was filling up Miles' gas tank and discussing various musical issues with him the tank overflowed and gas was pouring all over his car.  I offered to give him a free car wash.  Miles then said, "get in the driver's seat and drive the car around to the car wash around the back of the station."  Hence, as I was driving into the car wash the car struck the railing inside the car wash.  We then drove around to the front of the service station and Miles then instructed his manager to place my name in his book as he said, "we have to get this kid a gig."

Thank You.

2014 Mark D. McKinley