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Examining Policies Expressed By President Obama


America Can Survive The Four Year Obama Administration!

An Agenda Amiss: "Why is everything so urgent?"

T H I S   S I T E   I S   U N D E R   C O N S T R U C T I O N

During a covert military strike troops are moved into place quietly and fast in an attempt to gain immediate control of the situation and accomplish their objective with swift results. Does anything about this senario sound familiar when aligned within the context of the Obama administration?

Why is it that everything President Obama chooses to address and his push toward change so urgent?

It begs the question - was there another motive behind his campaign of hope and change?

The following essay is a layman's analysis that examines the questionable messages and tactics Obama has used during his first eight months in office. I adamantly support you're right to disagree with the views expressed. My desire is that you at least consider the views expressed as a springboard for your personal ponder and consideration. Several of President Obama's messages have been inappropriate in terms of timing considering our economy condition. It's as though something is purposely and quietly amiss. Allow me to be straight forward and state upfront that I find Obama to be inexperienced for the position he sought as president and an embarrassment as a leader of our country. He does not demonstrate the ability or skills to pull this country together for the common good. He lacks the ability to address an educated population and chooses to talk down to, rather than talk to the populace when orating in public forums to the people that elected him into office. His delivery and cantor somewhat reflects that of hearing Al Gore deliver a speech. The majority of registered voters in America have gone much further in education than kindergarten or elementary school and I expect a president to communicate to the people accordingly.

I love this country and I respect the office of the presidency. In return I also expect no less from the highest office in the country. I'm concerned thus far that I haven't witnessed a similar love for this country being expressed by President Obama. Nor have I witnessed a demonstration of respect from our president for the office in which he holds. I find that  a bit disturbing and a little unusual. I urge America to become more involved in your local communities and become proactive on a local and national level. This is our country and we're duty bound as law abiding citizens to care about the political process regardless of our individual political party affiliation. We need to begin thinking outside the confines and comfort of our two party system and start re-examining  what made this country strong for nearly two centuries and appreciate the qualities that made this great nation a desireable place to live and raise familes.  Our civil liberties and individual freedoms as well as our right to disagree with one another should never be taken for granted. We should embrace these individual rights and freedoms and diligently protect our right to do so in a peaceful manner. Never assume that the things about America that most of all of us hold dear can not be taken away from us through quiet legislation on Capital Hill.

We need to let congressmen and representatives that we respect and trust for the common good of the country know that we support them in their tasks. In contrast, we also need to be verbal in our outrage of those politicians that do not represent the views and desires that we hold dear for this country.

Obama's Hope For Change

The state of Illinois unemployment rate for July 2009 stood at 10.4 percent.  The national unemployment rate during the same period was 9.4 percent.  The national unemployment rate average in 2007 was below 4 percent.

1] Competent leadership can be demonstrated through the ability to balance new ideas and opposing viewpoints with proven methods known to have produced positive change and reform in the past.  Forward thinking requires a retrospective sensibility that will heed lessons learned from the past - set rational safeguards in place that nurture further contemplation in a positive manner.  It remains a mysterious as to why an elected official would ignore history and align their opinions and actions with that of radical and negative recurrence.

2] In my lifetime [as an adult] few presidents labored so diligently as President Reagan did to inspire Americans to feel genuinely good about themselves and their country.  That same positive energy managed to infiltrate other areas of people's lives, and to a degree he managed to pull the country together for the good of the whole.  To set the record straight, I didn't vote for Reagan the first time he ran for office of the president even though I liked everything he said during the campaign.  I thought the words expressed during his campaign sounded too good to be true.  However, four years later I gladly voted for Reagan's second term in office.  The deficit in 1986 under Ronald Reagan peaked at $221.2 billion.  During Reagan's last year in office the national deficit had fallen to $152.5 billion.  Money-minded scholars with more book sense than myself calculated that our national debt could have been paid off by the late nineties had many of Ronald Reagan's polices been allowed to stay in place.

3] When government seizes too much control over the citizens it was put into place to represent the tide will turn and newer more difficult problems will spawn.  People should be mindful that our government was designed to represent and work for the people that elected officials into office.  A proper alignment and balance of power between government and citizens must be maintained and is crucial to a successful nation founded on individual liberty and freedom.  Remarkably, that proper alignment and balance has steadily shifted toward more government in recent decades.  The expansion and creation of more social programs isn't a competent reaction or solution to complex problems that face our nation today.

Given the Obama administration's outcry for health care reform and more government regulations upon the private and business sector, where is the outcry for Medicaid reform and the zeal to solidify Social Security?

I considered America to be compassionate and willing to help individuals strive to better themselves, and in some instances government assistance is needed.  The problem with public assistance programs are the loopholes and mismanagement that allows for substantial abuse.  Social Security is a well intended program managed by government that became vulnerable because proper safeguards were not in place to protect the funds from government redistribution.  Senior citizens won't have the opportunity to benefit from the very fund they contributed during their working careers if and when Social Security goes broke due to government mishandling of the tax-payer funded program.  I could cite example after example concerning government intiatives appeared on-track at the onset.  However, many government promoted objectives become skewed to the point of no return to the original concept or motive.  It's very difficult to  believe that a government re-organization of our health care system would be slated for true success regardless the intention at the onset.  My civic duty as a registered voter is to urge the Obama administration to learn from past mistakes and renounce any plan that encourages transforming government  andas we know it.

14] Senator Obama and his team put together a slick campaign designed around a slogan of hope and change - the campaign itself didn't indicate positive change and didn't attempt to clarify intent for positive change.  Senator Obama depended on vague speech and never once defined the party's rhetoric of hope and change.  Winning was important to Senator Obama and others in the party - his campaign couldn't risk an actual definition of their hope and change.  Albeit, I'm not throwing in the towel and I'm not giving up on America and I still embrace good old-fashioned common sense.  Citizens need to pull together and become proactive - make their collective voices heard before it's too late.  Now more than ever our country needs positive change.  The President of the United States requires a person of utmost character and someone that loves their country - as of this writing we're seven months into the Obama administration and I've yet to see a love for country demonstrated by the current administration.  How someone of Obama's character managed to get elected to our nation's highest office remains an Ellery Queen mystery.  Having said that, it isn't a mystery why he won the election - voters didn't do their homework and took his words to heart.  Feeling that his election was a mandate for change through his policies, he now threatens politicians and America that we'd better embrace and support his ideology for change - this warrants the rebuttal, embrace you ideology or what?

16] The mere vagueness during his campaign surrounding his birth certificate provided clues about Obama's character - needless controversy to further divide the country - an issue that could have been resolved in a concise manner long before the election.  When opportunity knocks Obama chooses controversy over wisdom - not the trait of a man of good character.  Each incident exemplifies Obama's knack for stirring controversy rather than embracing common sense.

12] Senator Barrack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States of America January20, 2009 to serve all citizens regardless race, color, creed.  

The Obama administration tends to morph simple concepts into complicated paragons in an attempt to confuse the masses.  Unfortunately, we've only seen the tip of Obama's precarious agenda for hope and change that he hopes to implement.  Some people have argued that Obama was clear and concices as to the ideas he brought to the Whitehouse.  I counter the notion of clarity and submit that Obama professed a vague agenda expressed in language that avoided true intent and purpose of his mission.  President Obama doesn't evoke the impression of someone that respects the constitution of The United States of America or the time tested principles that had once made this country great.  What he does convey is a narcissistic persona with an agenda for a changed America.  The wording of his message has constantly been skewed to redirect the push and urgency for his flawed agenda.  The desperate plea for immediate change and reform is carefully worded to influence voters that see only the surface of the agenda ocean without investigating how dangerous those waters can become.

13] Registered voters have a duty to hold politicians accountable for how they vote on important issues and government officials are held to a higher standard for important reasons - their actions indirectly represent the constituents that voted them into office.  An elected official accepts their position knowing it will be highly scrutinized by public and media forums.
4] The Clinton administration passed NAFTA which encouraged more companies to relocate overseas and President Obama wishes to pass additional stringent regulations on our factories.  Many companies can no longer afford to do business in America.  Regulations aren't helping our environment - companies are relocating to areas where the regulations are less stringent.  Obama's Cap and Trade bill has been watered down to the point it barely even addresses environmental issues.  The verbal wordplay expressed by this administration has taken on a "citizens are stupid" mentality and masks the actual text written into many of these proposals.  The over-use of the "going green" slogan hasn't done anything to improve our environment. However, the "go green" band wagon has stifled growth in some private sector jobs.

5] Obama's pledge to stimulate the economy created significant cost without providing long term results since artificial economic stimulation is temporary at best.  Artificial stimulus doesn't address issues that led to our declined economy.  Several initiatives introduced by Obama will ultimately enable continued economic decline once those initiatives meet their end.  President Obama chooses to ignore the reality that debt equals debt regardless if that debt is in the private sector or within the government.

6] The unwarranted decision to place our country hundreds of billions of dollars indebt to China was a strategy to promote short term political gain for the Obama administration.  As a result our country is now less solidified and the failed stimulus boost created enormous additional debt for our nation.  The Obama administration's "Cash for Clunkers" auto buying initiative served as another example of rallying easily swayed citizens to think that their government was doing something positive for our economy.  I submit that the program will not have a lasting positive effect on our automotive industry.  The "Cash for Clunkers" program was without logic compared to having worked out a strategy that would have enticed responsible success for the industry.

7] President Obama continues to push the inept ideas that were touted during his campaign for the presidency - ideas contrary to the positive steps that should be taken.  People are beginning to realize that the word change doesn't automatically define positive change.  There have been defining moments in history which document where our society began to crumble and such milestones often resulted from radical change supported by elected leaders.  Our country isn't experiencing volatile economic times by accident.  Unfortunately, we now live in a time when there are like-minded groups that value bugs and insects over human life.  America is sitting at the crossroads under a flashing caution light.

8] I haven't witnessed any estimable initiatives from the Obama administration that would steer our economy toward the road to recovery.  I haven't witnessed responsible leadership from this administration since Obama was sworn into office.  There could be any number of reasons that I haven't witnessed positive change in America since January 2009.  Perhaps Obama moved into the White House with a slightly different mission and different game plan than he repeatedly orated during his campaign.  He shouted an agenda of hope and change - if elected he would change America.  It puzzled my as to why people or journalist weren't pressing him for more details concerning his agenda of hope and change.  During the course of Senator Obama's campaign he was elevated by the press to the symbol for hope and change.  It remains a mystery why more potential Obama voters didn't attempt to nail down the specifics of his hope and change message or demand detailed explanation.  It appeared that their candidate of choice provided them hope and if that candidate was going to bring change to America that was good enough for them.

9] Let's examine the profound change Obama has brought to America - a no chance for success stimulus package - a highly controversial bailout program... a smoke and mirrors new jobs program... America now has an enormous monetary debt to China... we're experiencing higher unemployment... he turns a press conference designed to plug a questionable proposal into an issue of race, creating controversy on a national level.  Okie dokie.  There you have it - in a nut shell - mine and your tax dollars at work.  This is the same fearless leader that has his own plan for our health care system - a complete overall that must be decided upon immediately - before our elected politicians have opportunity to review and explore the fine print of his proposed scheme for America.

10] Consider one aspect of the automotive industry and why the industry began to fail - unions and inflated top level management.  In a nut shell bad decisions ultimately paved a path for problems at the end of the line.  

11] President Obama's Health Care Reform Initiative can be explained in simple layman terms written in good old-fashioned English. The President isn't trying to push through health care reform - he has his sights set on increased government control over our everyday lives. Several steps he has taken during his first few months in office have undermined his verbalized intentions.  His stimulus package hasn't improved anything of merit - what it has done is stimulate an out of control national debt.  Defining responsible health care reform is this simple - if you experience a leak in a portion of plumbing beneath your kitchen sink you wouldn't push to have the entire structure condemned, pay to have your house torn down, and then borrow money to have the structure rebuilt.  The logical solution for you as a homeowner, or for the government to address real health care reform, would be to replace only the bad section of plumbing that was under that sink and leave the vanity and house intact.  This simple definition doesn't even resemble what the President is saying as he tries to shove his health care system overhaul through.


15] President Obama demonstrated a complete lack of respect for office of the presidency by making arbitrary comments when asked about the Gates arrest issue in Massachusetts during his July 21, 2009 press conference.  State level concerns should first be addressed by state and local officials after facts have been collected and scrutinized - the issue should then be resolved accordingly by regional or state officials.  The situation was not a presidential matter for comment and should have been respected as such.  The wasted time and tax dollars spent on public relations in the aftermath could have been better spent on other matters.  Such judgment demonstrates Obama finds it difficult to separate his personal feeling from what's best for the country.  We expect the president to portray a person of highest character - such incidents do not lend credence to Obama's diplomatic prowess when meeting with foreign leaders and dignitaries.

17] Obama and his administration refuse to fully disclose their view on many important issues and the intent behind his agenda for change.  Skepticism around this administration's policies is on the rise - citizens are justified in their cynical views of this administration's proposed change for America - the tide is turning - there's a growing sentiment that enough is enough.  Something must be done before it's too late.

18] Many celebrities and politicians are quick to leap on bandwagons that support the cause of the year while government regulations continue to entice American businesses to relocate abroad - increased regulations and the cost of imposing those regulations are making it unprofitable to do business in the United States.  We're importing goods from other countries manufacturing their goods under much less stringent regulations that required by our own government - where is the positive change for America?

19] Obama's economic plan for America seems to be designed around an increased incentive to promote manufacturer job growth in foreign lands - stimulate the foreign economy.  Apparently political rhetoric, double talk, and eloquent speech, can win the bid for the Whitehouse - however,


20] America would be denouncing such tactics if used by a world leader in another country and would likely consider recommendations to impose sanctions against such a country.  Once we have more respect for the civil liberties and human rights of people in other countries than within our own country, we ourselves have become flawed as a nation.

21] Billions of borrowed dollars were handed to banks without proper provisions to enforce how the money was used and ultimately we the people will foot the bill through higher taxes.  Do such actions demonstrate responsible leadership in government?

22] Several factors propelled our fragile economy into a recession - one factor was greed within corporate America which compromised the trust of many Americans.  Irresponsible government incentives encouraged careless lending through some of the larger banks that approved loans to persons without adequate resources to repay their debts.  Government rules, regulations, and policies were partially behind the enormous number of bad loans, in addition to bad decisions by private individuals.  Therefore a portion of our economic decline was directly enabled through bad government decisions and self-serving choices by individuals in the private sector.  Eventually these factors, along with others problems, fueled the downward spiral of the economy through a shift in the mindset of the people.  NNeedless government lawmaking, borrowing, and spending, will not induce positive shift in vulnerable thrift-minded individuals.  We should not be placing our trust in government to correct our economic problems.


23] Positive change requires time, patience, and a leader that holds the country's best interest in the balance, not personal interests.  The reckless borrowing from a foreign government and mass spending programs devised by the government will not make the problem go away.  Placing the possibility of a disastrous health care reform initiative into the mix could be the straw that breaks the proverbial American back.  We need a leader that --------------

24] Pumping billions of government controlled dollars into select markets was not, and is not, the answer for turning around a weak economy.  Bad decisions in both Washington and the private sector helped pave the road to our weakened economy.  Poor judgment in Washington and more bad decisions will not improve our economy.  Only when citizens feel comfortable again and feel more secure in their jobs will the economy begin to rebound.  

 is the ability to communicate sound judgment after the evaluation of well documented factual truth.  I do not believe the world jury has returned a verdict relating to global warming.  It is difficult to believe less than a century of in-depth studies about the impact society has on our planet can provide solid evidence needed to arrive at a rational conclusion or warrant further legal recommendations.  
and witness wise and intelligent choices being made in Washington

25] President Obama's ideology for a changed America reveals a narcissist's agenda - wanting everything his way, and his ideas immediately put into action and swiftly passed into law.  With the cloak of vagueness removed, President Obama's agenda for a changed America revealed whirlwind government spending coupled with ambitious acquisition and control of the private sector.  Other aspects of his agenda include increased taxes and a government designed and controlled health care system, and less corporate and individual freedom.  His platform for change was based on deceptive practices that are contrary to the good of our country and working Americans.

26] Through the years Americans have made this country strong through hard work in spite of out of control government spending.  The Obama administration has demonstrated that his campaigned agenda for change lacks responsible leadership and doesn't have America's best interest in mind.  The Obama agenda for change doesn't support or entice initiative on the part of the people that elected him into office.  The ideology behind his agenda for America is flawed - it doesn't reflect the positive change that many Americans voted for.  His agenda for change doesn't offer positive solutions for a troubled economy and his agenda for health care reform does not reflect the way most Americans feel about our current health care system.

27] President Obama's new jobs initiative is another short term jobs project funded by additional government debt.  Nearly each proposal the new administration has produced addresses economic and health care issues through backward thinking.

28] The Obama administration was swift to announce that he was in the dark concerning how bad the economy was when he took office, orating that the economic was much worse than he'd been led to believe during his campaign for the Presidency.

29] The Obama administration has a concise plan for America - skate only across the surface of any policy you wish to change - conjure a sense of urgency around each item on the agenda.  Such tactics are used to generate fear and confusion, an assertive effort to create a sense of panic amongst the masses.  President Obama and his administration is on an important mission - their mission is to transform our form of government into something it was not designed to be - restructure our country to that of a more socialist state.  Socialism removes ambition and determination.  Socialism goes against everything this country stands for.  It goes against everything that made this country a super power.  Such tactics defy the honor of all the service men and women that have courageously and unselfishly given their lives for our collective freedoms.  The Obama agenda that was set into motion January 2009 will defeat our founding fathers wishes - it will defeat the principles of our constitution - it cripples mindsets that offer encouragement for people to strive to better themselves.
We have a choice as to whether we allow such an agenda to pass... I suggest we choose wisely.

America by establishing a false sense of need by making people feel insecure in their jobs, their homes, their neighborhoods, their savings, their tax rates - need I say more.

30] Talking down to constituents isn't a trait of a good leader or a person of good character.  True leadership is best achieved through the honest and clear communication of a thought or ideas.  Good leadership is the ability to educate people and eliminate confusion. generate a true understanding of the concept being discussed.  True leadership is usually characterized by the ability to encourage and lift people up through inspiration - challenge people to be better than they feel they are capable of being.  You don't paint a picture of despair and orate from the pulpit of fear.  *******  I wonder if he really believes the carefully crafted phrases he has used in an attempt to connect with one sector of the population.  His actions in office sheds light on an administration that is deceptive when addressing tough issues and lacks responsible leadership in regards to domestic and world matters.

31]  The system of a representative government was founded by, and is funded by, it's citizens.  Therefore our elected officials are duty bound to represent those citizens and work for the good of the country and not support alarming policies based on self serving political interests.  Government officials are elected to office and/or appointed to cabinet posts by other elected officials.  Registered voters share an equally important role in government, as they are charged with overseeing the government to ensure our elected officials make decisions that are in the best interest of the whole.  As registered voters we have the right to vote politicians of any party in or out of office based on their job performance and voters should exercise that right when warranted.

32] Elected officials are employees of the people they represent.  An elected official accepts their position within the governing body empowered by the people they represent.  Working citizens expect their voice be heard and represented accurately - expressed through responsible decision making that will express the views and beliefs of American citizens.  The way many elected officials voted on the non stimulus package is troubling indeed, and now there is talk of yet a second non stimulus package.  The voting record of elected officials will be scrutinized in the coming months and years - more than ever before in recent history.  Poor judgment on the part of citizens and politicians has placed this country further in debt to China.

33]  Big government is difficult to digest and understand and the non stimulus deal that was arranged with the Chinese government raises questions and eyebrows. One has to wonder whether China saw opportunity and seized the moment.  Many people are concerned whether or not China is working in our best interest.  Considering it was a failed plan from the beginning voters must wonder how our government will reimburse the loan, and why we would place ourselves in that position - billions of dollars in debt to a country that isn't a strong ally.

34] Obama can orate in articulate fashion and express his cleverly vague agenda of change for America with verbal ease.  However, many of his recommendations for change do not represent the views of many Americans.  The ideology and beliefs that motivate President Obama's need for change is troubling to millions of Americans.  This administration communicates via unfounded catch-phrases to win support for change in domestic policy.  American citizens are beginning to speak out against policies that aren't in the best interest of our country.  I urge elected politicians to not support a dangerous agenda that will lead to the further decline of our economy.

35]  I'm opposed to the direction President Obama is leading this country toward and concerned over the lack of opposition his agenda has received.  As a registered voter I expect my local, state, and national representatives to carefully scrutinized President Obama's ideology for change and address questionable policies with unyielding opposition.  Such actions will have strong support from many registered voters.  Americans are waking up and realizing the destructive road President Obama has chosen to travel.  

36] President Obama continues to encourage change that will destroy the spirit that made this country great.  Several of his questionable proposals have been met with approval, passed quickly, and supported without the approval of many registered voters.  Responsible citizens aren't going about their daily routines wearing blinders like horses running around a race track.  Although, too many Americans have become lazy in their civic duties and haven't notice changes in the world around them.  Some people choose to sit back and wait for everyone else to be pro-active and make their voices heard.  I embrace the mindset that cares about America, our freedoms, our future, and American citizens.  Bad decisions are partially responsible for the weakened economy and additional bad decisions will not strengthen or improve our economy.  Bad decisions will not steer a fragile economy back on track.

37]  Many of Obama's supporters during the 2008 election never bothered to research the kind of change the candidate was orating from the rooftops.  Apparently too few supporters considered the probability that the candidate's ideology for change could be a change for the worse.  At the time of the election, many supporters were merely voting for the word change.  Sadly, a portion of America simply embraced the idea of change and placed their future on the word hope.  Many voters appeared awe struck by the well crafted catch phrase orated by an articulate speaker.  The candidate's campaign soon gained momentum and the political rhetoric of change and hope resulted in votes cast purely for the sake of [unknown] change - a disturbing concept to embrace when deciding the election of a public official.

38]  President Obama's first six months in office have America deeply concerned - talk about additional (non)stimulus proposals will only worsen our fragile economy and halt opportunity for real progress.  I ask that careful attention be given to President Obama's proposed revamping of America's health care system.  Free enterprise is what made this country strong - as a working American I'm unaware that huge numbers of our American citizens are in dire need of health care reform.  What we can't afford to do is further burden independent business with higher taxes and more restrictions on private health care choices and benefits packages offered.

39] Elected officials and responsible journalism should focus on the reality that working America will be further burdened with tax increases required to fund the continued destructive proposals of the Obama administration.  Consider the negative impact on our economy if and when the cost of providing health care for employees become too costly due to President Obama's health care reform proposals.  Business will be forced to further downsize and reduce staff in order to survive.  The immediate impact would result in an even higher unemployment than we have today.  The effects would be an accelerated downward spiral for the economy and productive job markets.

40]  Each time government pulls additional money through higher taxes from business and industry it stifles job creativity and development, and supresses ambition.  Rocket scientists need not apply to explain the negative impact on the American dream when the dream is choked by redundant regulations and higher taxes.  American businesses and manufacturers deserve better.  Large corporations and small businesses must make money and experience reasonable profit margins to survive in a free market economy.  Free market is exactly what this country was built on and the process is what has kept this country going for centuries.  Businesses make money and spend money - it's all part of the cycle that stabilizes our economy and secures jobs.  I'm puzzled at what point prosperity became a bad word, or politically incorrect, when used in conversation - a strong economy is dependent upon the formula of prosperity.  Perhaps government has confused prosperity with greed.  I beg to differ as those two words are not interchangable when properly used and correctly defined.  However, our government is now working to legislate and control greed.  I'm doubtful that's even possible, fearful at the wasted time and tax dollars that will be spent on such a task.   Similar to education, the greed process usually begins at home as taught and learned through the standard of values in place.

41]  We've had government policies and systems in place for decades that aid and assist those that are less fortunate.  In addition, many of those people also receive help through privately funded organizations and community churches.

42] It's unfortunate that current programs have been grossly abused for decades, further draining available resources for those that truly need assistance.  Consider now, that any new programs or reformed programs will also encounter such abuse.  Education is perhaps the single area that could lessen the strain on public assistance programs and reduce the number of persons in need of such services.  The only way that education can make a notable difference is if people take the initiative to change their situation.  

43] Maintaining a strong domestic job market is essential to lessen the drain on public assistance programs.  Encouraging domestic companies to relocate over seas simply exacerbated the problem here in the states.  We need to encourage large and small businesses with viable incentives - encourage creative business minds, not stifle or penalize them through bureaucracy and higher taxes - entrepreneurs create jobs.

45] Our economy hasn't moved forward as a result of the stimulus packages and unemployment figures for June 2009 (released on July 2, 2009) indicate the highest unemployment rate in twenty six years.  Current projections expect the percentage of unemployed Americans will soon pass ten percent.  Smart businesses are taking measures and adjusting accordingly to survive one more week, another month, and hopefully, one more year.

46] Much like adding salt to an open wound, several government leaders are now expressing a need for additional stimulus packages.

Where is this stimulus money coming from?

Our elected officials need to start learning from their past mistakes and recognize that compounding our national debt isn't a responsible solution to the problems they're facing.  Failed polices don't need repeated and such policies should be carefully reviewed and scrutinized to identify why those polices haven't worked.  The American people deserve accountability from elected offcials and more prudent leadership than witnessed in recent months.

47] President Obama pushed a stimulus jobs program through that was designed to create temporary [new jobs] rather than orchestrating a plan that could have kept more Americans employed.  Where is the plan to entice companies to continue doing business in America, stabilize job markets, reduce the unemployment numbers, move our economy in a forward direction?

48] The manner by which companies will be awarded government funded sort-term job projects raises questions as stimulus money job programs could easily open the door to awarding tax-payer funded contracts to friends and special interest contributors.  Accountable journalism has an obligation to examine and report on the effect these debt-building stimulus packages have on the economy.

49] President Obama's approval ratings have been on a downhill slope since he took office.  Mindful registered voters will hold their elected officials accountable as to how votes are cast for questionable bills such as the non stimulus package.  Politicians need to be less subjective and show more concern for to the common good of our country.  Elected leaders should seek wise counsel before endorsing destined to fail policies that are contrary to what America stands for.  American automotive industries remain in dire straits after extensive government involvement.  Some banks are reporting more optimistic numbers in recent quarters, reflecting less of an improved economy as some positive numbers merely reflect portions of companies that have been sold off.  Government has earned a reputation for bad decisions and reckless spending of public tax dollars.

50] Inexperience and inconsistency revealed the man who would become president: Obama doesn't understand simple concepts such as endorsing the common good of the whole.  Furthermore, he wouldn't have put everyone through the needless debate over his citizenship if he was truely interested in the common good for our country.  One of the first hurdles to cross when offering your name as a candidate for the Presidency is that of American citizenship.  Rather than then potential candidate Obama addressing the controversy head-on, he chose to side-step the issue - arrogance over sensibility - defiance, rather than what was in best interest of the country he proclaimed to love.  Obama's pattern of public behaviour demonstrates narcissism.


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