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The exploration of art is quite challenging yet very rewarding - art is a form of expression with a goal to stimulate the senses.  I've often pondered the many ways an artistic concept can form a unique connection between artist and observer through the use of sight and sound.  Art encompasses many forms including the bending and welding of metal, inspired brushstrokes, the deviation of light sources, spontaneous music notation or an engineer's skills in the studio.

An artist ultimately expresses a thought that's designed to connect their work and the spectator via sensory means.  During the next few years this series will feature people from various artistic careers sharing their thoughts and experiences through an interview format of conversation.  I think you'll find this series inspiring and informative - perhaps even enlightening.  Check back every few months for new additions to this Website.

- Mark D McKinley,  a.k.a. MOGS

The Performing Arts & Visual Arts

The MOGS Interviews

   The Interviews...
   Act Of Congress - Acoustic quartet
   Elvin Bishop - Guitarist/Singer
   Ronnie Baker Brooks - Bluesman
   Andre Bush - Jazz Guitarist
   Alexis Cole - Jazz Vocalist/Musician/Composer
   Don Conoscenti - Musician/Singer
   Shemekia Copeland - Blues Singer
   Brigitte DeMeyer - Singer/Songwriter
   Enid Farber - Photo Journalist
   Damon Farmer - Artist/Sculptor
   Kevin Johnson - Recording Engineer
   Anthony May - Copper Artist
   Michael McKinley - Artist/Painter
   Grover Mollineaux - Songwriter/Luthier
   Nick Evans Mowery - Musician
   Jacqui Naylor - Jazz Vocalist
   Adam Nussbaum - Drummer
   Chris Pelletiere - Artist/Painter
   Roy Rogers - Slide Guitar Master
   Pete Sklaroff - UK Guitarist
   Sabrina Underwood - Artist
   Rachel Z - Jazz-Rock Pianist/Composer
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